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If you're looking to expand your online offerings with a high-quality and potentially high-enrollment course in music, you may find exactly what you need right here. I invite you to explore this website, which describes a complete package for online courses in rock and popular music. Let me begin by introducing myself, describing what I’m offering, and explaining why your students and your institution may find these courses valuable.

Who I AM

I’m Michael Campbell, professor emeritus at Western Illinois University and the author of Popular Music in America and Rock and Roll: An Introduction. I am currently an adjunct faculty member at Arizona State University, where I’ve been teaching courses in Classic Rock and Rock Since 1975 from my home in Rhode Island for almost a decade. 

What I'm offering

I’m offering a selection six courses rock and popular music. All are historical overviews; they range from a sweeping survey of almost 200 years of popular music in America to more focused accounts, such as the first few decades of the rock era and popular song in the first part of the 20th century.

Because I’m the author, creator of the multimedia resources, and the instructor, the courses project

  • a consistent approach to online general music courses for large classes that puts the music at the heart of the discussion. The courses take advantage of

  • revolutionary technological advances in content creation and delivery to develop innovative ways to bring sound, image, and word together to present and reinforce a conceptual understanding of music style. The overriding goal is to help students to

  • hear history—to perceive the “why” of musical style—, and use this understanding to perceive musical connections and contrasts between and within generations.

All of this comes in a turnkey package that integrates Cengage’s MindTap content into the Canvas LMS. Everything is in one place, and everything ultimately comes from the same source. For students and administrators alike, the courses are convenient, customizable, integrated, innovative, and

why I encourage you to consider it

My courses help engaged students develop more focused listening skills, gain a more informed understanding of musical style, and acquire a music-based framework for perceiving the history of popular music: how it has evolved over the decades; why and how revolutions occasionally occurred; connections and contrasts within and between generations. 

MCMnet slides.040.jpeg

All of the information and insights that students gain, and the skills that they develop in the process of acquiring them, can remain useful well after the end of the course. Moreover, it is content that is (to the best of my knowledge) difficult, even impossible, to find elsewhere; it's not in Wikipedia. 

For as long as I've been teaching courses in popular music, I've worked to make the courses in pop and rock useful well beyond the last day of the class, and I've been excited to take advantage of digital technology and recent research on learning to make them ever more effective. 

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If you feel that a completely online course in rock or pop might be appropriate for your institution, please have a look at the rest of the site. You'll find more detailed information about the content, design and methodology of the courses, and have an opportunity to work through an exercise that helps answer an interesting question about style and history. 

Thanks for visiting!